About Us

The Community of Practice for Policy Development and Management branded as the GoRTT (Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago) Policy Practitioners was launched on the 10th September, 2019. It is an initiative spearheaded by the Ministry of Public Administration in alignment with the Government’s National Development Strategy, Vision 2030, which identified a need for greater evidence-based decision making in the Public Sector.


Our Structure


Steering Committee - Deputy Permanent Secretaries from the following Ministries:

  • Facilitating Ministry: Ministry of Public Administration
  • National Development Strategy: Ministry of Planning and Development
  • Social Sector Support Ministry: Ministry of Social Development and Family Services
  • Communications: Ministry of Communications, Office of the Prime Minister
  • Legal Support: Office of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs
  • Policy Coordinating Support: Cabinet Secretariat, Office of the Prime Minister
  • Financial Advice and Stewardship: Ministry of Finance

The Secretariat is responsible for administration and facilitation of membership meetings/activities. MDA Members are officers in the professional areas of policy and research. External Stakeholders may be invited to participate for knowledge building purposes.

What We Do

1. Provide a shared context for practitioners to communicate and share information, stories and personal experiences in a way that builds understanding and insight;

2. Generate meaningful work, enhance personal and professional development and foster an amicable working environment;

3. Support organizational development and research;

4. Transfer and develop best practices in the field of policy formulation;

5. Identify, gather, and seek agreement on their particular user community requirements;

6. Provide a forum for cooperation of activities where policy professionals can add value to existing initiatives, to identify linkages and opportunities for collaborative strategic and technical projects.

7. Provide a forum to assist with consultation involved in the decision making process for the government.

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