The Ministry of Public Administration (MPA) facilitates and leads the modernisation efforts of the Public Service.

Public Service Modernisation (PSM) are initiatives that improve the capacity and capability of the Public Service to better deliver government services.

The Ministry’s Public Service Modernisation function focuses on four key areas:-

  • PEOPLE: Services that provide Organisational Structures, develop Competencies, Enhance GoRTT’s HRM System
  • PROCESSES: Development of Legislation, Regulations, Policies, Procedures, Guidelines, Standards, Conduct of Process Re-engineering and Service Reviews
  • FACILITIES: services that involve the acquisition and use of physical premises by GoRTT

The Ministry’s PSM mandate and programme are aligned to Theme II – Delivering Good Governance and Service Excellence. Under this Theme, the Ministry is specifically responsible for:


  • Goal 2: The public service will have modern, effective and efficient public management systems
  • Goal 3: Public Service delivery will be customer focused


  • Goal 1: Public institutions will be high performing professional entities, meeting the needs of all


  • Goal 2: High quality, modern public services

The Ministry’s National ICT mandate is aligned to Theme III – Improving Productivity Through Quality Infrastructure and Transportation


  • Goal 4: A modern and well-maintained ICT system would be developed

The National ICT Plan 2018-2020, acts as a cross-cutting enabler contributing to many other V2030 goals.