About Us

Our Ministry

The Ministry of Public Administration is charged with the task of partnering with other Government Ministries and Agencies to improve the quality of service provided to all citizens. We are continually improving the way work is done in the Public Service so that we can bring government services closer to all citizens.

Our Mission

We proactively partner with our stakeholders to continuously develop the Trinidad and Tobago Public Service by strengthening the workforce, providing safe office accommodation solutions and enabling digital services that work.

Our Vision

MPA is your trusted and recognised leader for public service excellence.

Core Values

ENERGY - Active communication, creativity and collaboration are the tenets of our corporate DNA, as is working with great passion, innovation and determination.
PRIDE - We take pride in what we do in progressing the Public Service and our country.
INTEGRITY - Our transparency, morals and ethics ensure public trust and confidence; we are cutting edge without cutting corners.
CLIENT-FOCUSED - We are solutions-oriented and challenge the status quo. We work with clients and their current and future needs are foremost in our hearts and minds.



Tag Line

Driving Public Service excellence


Strategic Priorities

1. Creating an agile and client-focused public service
2. Enabling a proactive public service
3. Championing a results-oriented and performance-driven public service


Related Agencies

The following are agencies related to the Ministry of Public Administration:

Organisational Structure